Vidéo | 06:00 | Autriche

Impassenger invente un espace de résonance émotionnelle et, ce faisant, rend au cinéma son pouvoir haptique. Il explore la relation entre la proximité et la distance ainsi l’objet de l’enquête fige sa soumission.

Through diverse processes of doubling, reflection, and variation, the film leads us continually deeper into the fearful states of a shadow being that seems to float oddly on the surface while its emotional life is cast back into the distorting mirror of the surroundings. Ben Pointeker ́s Impassenger describes an emotional resonance space and in doing so, allows cinema to become haptic. Crystalline time-images formulate to a tactile alphabet between introspective landscape and externalized emotionality. At the same time, he newly explores the relationship of proximity and distance, and lets the object of the investigation ultimately congeal to subject. (Shilla Strelka)