Video submission

Submission procedure:

  1. Submit your film through the online form.
  2. After submitting online, you will receive an email confirmation with your submission form attached. Keep the latter, since it will be required signed and sent by regular post if your film is selected.


  • until 15 October, 2023: reception of the submissions to the Call for entries
  • 16 October – 30 November, 2023: selection process
  • December 2023: announcement of the official selection
  • 13 – 17 March, 2024: XXVII International Encounters Traverse, first moment with screenings, performances, vernissages of the exhibitions, workshops, round tables…
  • until 31 March, 2024: the exhibitions of the XXVII Encounters continue


  1. Traverse Vidéo organises its International Encounters of various mediums of experimental art with, exceptionally, other forms in accordance with its thematics.
  2. Traverse Vidéo does not require any entry fee.
  3. You authorise Traverse Vidéo to programme the selected artwork free of charge.
  4. The selected artworks are programmed during the International Encounters Traverse in Toulouse and other related events, beginning March 2024. The performances are programmed from 13 to 17 March 2024.
  5. The selected artworks are not the subject of any online screening.
  6. All artworks containing non-French dialogue or on-screen text have to be subtitled in French for the screening or exhibition. If your artwork is selected, it will be programmed only subtitled in French. Traverse Vidéo can help with the translation in French and, in some cases, with the subtitling after the reception of the dialogue list.
  7. The selected videos become part of a video library unless you disagree with it by a written request (hereinbelow). These videos will only be accessible at our office, for non-commercial use only. They may be used for experimental art awareness workshops and to be included in Carte Blanche screenings requested to Traverse Vidéo, voluntarily, in which case the artist will be informed.
  8. We regret to be unable to return any document sent on physical support unless you have attached a correctly stamped envelope with your address mentioned.
  9. By submitting your work you guarantee to hold or to have acquired all legal rights and authorisations that are necessary for including your work to the event.
    Traverse Vidéo
    cannot be held responsible for an issue due to copyright infringement.
  10. You agree to provide Traverse Vidéo with the screening copy, as well as promotional material (stills, texts) of the selected artwork within the required deadlines which are announced in the selection notice, and to respond to any request for further information, required for programming, as soon as possible.
  11. Traverse Vidéo reserves the right to correct, respecting their intentions, the texts (synopsis, presentation text, note of intent) provided by the artists when submitting the artwork, in order to respect its editorial line for all communication material relating to the event and avoid repetitions from text to text.
  12. You authorise Traverse Vidéo to use texts, images or even short video fragments concerning the selected artworks for any internal communication material (Traverse’s website and social media, trailer and other promotional audiovisual productions conceived by the organisation, printed and digital posters, programs, flyers, etc.) or external (press, specialised web sites, etc.), as well as for the catalog-book of the Encounters.